Как добавить сторонние аккаунты в приложение gmail

Gmail Inbox Sign In Process

Once there, look for the Gmail login form. It usually is right in the middle of your screen.

You also have the option to recover your Gmail sign in if you do not remember your login details.

Gmail Login Mobile

Gmail also allows users to sign in from a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. The mobile Google app is a great way to stay connected to all of your messages on the go.

You will need to install the Gmail app in order to do this. Once the app is installed, simply tap the Gmail app icon. The Google app will launch and you can enter your Gmail username and password in the Gmail login mobile app screen.

The mobile Gmail app will save your info and keep you signed in. You will not be required to login again unless you logout. You can adjust the settings in the mobile app to suite your needs.

Create A Gmail Login By Signing Up To Gmail

Once you are at gmail.com, look for the link that says ‘Create Account’. It usually is at the top of the screen by the ‘Sign In’ link. Once you have found this link, click on it to start creating your Gmail login.

The next is in the event you chose to use any other of Google’s services that require a purchase such as the app store, you will be required to enter your billing information.

Now for your password. It is recommended you use a password consisting of upper and lower case letters, numbers and a special character such as ‘@#$%^&*’. This will make your password harder to guess.

The next 2 sections are simply your date of birth and gender.

The mobile phone field is necessary in case you forget your Gmail login. Google will verify your account through your mobile device.This is a very secure way to recover your Gmail login.

Setting Google to your homepage will open up Google.com every time you open a new browser. This is optional but useful if you use Google often.

The captcha field is to prove you are not a robot.

After everything is complete, click on ‘Next Step’ and Google will walk you through your new Gmail login!

Problems With Gmail Inbox Sign In

If for some reason you are unable to sign in to Gmail inbox you may want to check a few different things. Most of the time users accidentally enter the wrong password or mistakenly have either their caps lock on or off. Gmail passwords are case sensitive.

Check your caps lock settings and try typing your password slowly to make sure it was in fact the last password you remember associated with your Gmail account.

If this does not work, you can recover your password.

Recover Your Gmail Password

Right below the password field will be a link that says ‘Forgot Password’. Once you click that link you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to enter the last password you remember.

If you do not remember any password you ever used, you can answer other security questions to recover your account. Gmail will ask you a few more details and if the information is correct you will be able to reset your password.

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